What if there is no matter, only ideas?

I’ve been perplexing myself over my latest fascination that perhaps the answer to “what is the meaning of life” type mind boggling is simply that there is no “life.” Join me for a few paragraphs while I explain, if you will, but try and read with an open mind, or at least the idea of an open mind.

What if we don’t particularly even exist in this human, material, wordly form? Imagine for a moment that instead of humanity evolving slowly from nematoads or their being an all-bearded divinity responsible for our creation, that existence is simply a coming together of ideas. No matter, no atoms, nothing material exists, simply a vast and perhaps infinite collection of ideas. The ideas would have started simple at first and evolved or combined over time to create more complex ideas, similar to how a child’s mind grows from perceiving simple notions at first to the complexities we are able to divine later in life, such as general relativity, time and two scoops of raisins in every box.

These ideas eventually grew so complex that they felt the need to confirm themselves in a physical reality, perhaps it was easier for ideas to compile and expand themselves if they had a more solid state. The same way, again, that a child’s mind can be so wonderfully full of imagination without direction, but as we age we desire direction and focus more than just going with the raw wonderment our brains can muster.

There is actually plenty of evidence to support such an idea, though even the most open-minded skeptic would be able to dismiss it. Think of fire walkers, the folks who hang 300 lbs from their nipples by chains, or those old ninja masters who can have cinder blocks smashed on their chests without feeling it. There are all kinds of people who can ignore pain and what to nearly every one of the rest of us would register as physically impossible acts. We accept them, typically, as amazing and move on with our lives, opening doors, breathing air and generally not defying the laws of nature. But in the end, as much as the majority of human collective consciousness dismisses the ethereal, there is so much to the universe we can’t understand quite yet.

Fortunately, I’ve just figured it all out and revealed it in this post.

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