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Interesting, dramatic illustration of gun death statistics in the US by the New York Times (from 2007).
Each bullet represents one death per day, 81 people being killed in the US every day.

It really puts into perspective what kinds of people are being affected by guns and in what ways. For example:

  • Children 17 & under are the least likely to die from guns. Black & white boys are killed at the same rate, about 1 / day. Girls die, either accidentally or via homicide, police intervention, at 1/2 that rate.
  • Age 18-24, more black men are murdered every day than men of all other races and women combined.
  • Age 18-24, four times as many white men commit suicide as any other race and all women.
  • As white men get older, their rate of suicide seems to double, and then triple after 40. The vast majority of suicides are white men.
  • Black men who make it to 40 years of age have their chances of being murdered dramatically reduced, by 60%. In fact, after 40, more white men are murdered than black men.

All in all, by far children and women are the least likely to die due to gun related injuries. Black men are the most likely to be killed. White men are the most likely to kill themselves.

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