Have You Heard About Auto Driveaway?

I rent a lot of cars. I do these because I don’t own a car, well, I own a VW Bus but it’s really more of a house and it’s top speed is 55mph, and while I’ve driven it from Colorado to California to Colorado again to Arizona to Texas and back across Texas and back again and then to Florida and then to North Carolina, all before driving it to Michigan and then Pennsylvania and then to New York and back to Pennsylvania, sometimes I need to get somewhere fast or need to get somewhere while the Bus is broken down or maybe my girlfriend just feels like needing air conditioning for whatever reason. Anyway, I rent a lot of cars.

It costs a lot of money to rent cars one way. Like, thousands of dollars divided by two. I just stumbled across this website today: AutoDriveAwayDC.com.

The idea is, you drive someone’s car from where it is to where they want it to be. Sometimes they pay for the gas. Sounds super swell. Maybe I’ll try it next time someone would like to be able to turn the heat on in the vehicle they’re in.

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