On Social Networking

I get it, you’re social. You’re popular. All of those folks from high school, college, law school, and the job at Barnes & Noble will finally see just how cool you are. After all, you don’t post pictures of your kids or babies or links to political fact sites about how the government is secretly stealing detainees/screwing the American taxpayer/whatever you believe in. You’re on Facebook, but you “barely ever go on Facebook”.

Ok, cool. Walmart and Mickey D’s applaud you. Now let’s talk about me, yes, myself, for a minute.

The only social network I’ve ever tried and which has been successful is Google Reader. It’s awkward at times and there’s no official app or a logo of some type of animal or anything, but the rare few people I like enough to talk to but don’t actually live around and, therefore, talk to in real life, are on it. They say “Hey, this was interesting. ” and I reply with a smiley face or an inside joke’s worth of a comment. There is no picture share. No grouping friends into circles of exclusivity, and no need to reply in any given timeframe.

Go Reader, and go me.

PS. And go these dudes who just rolled into the motel.

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