Democrats Barely Stand a Chance

To win national elections, Republicans can rely on energizing the nation’s conservative voters and attracting some of the moderates. Democrats, however, must not only hold liberals but also gain 60% or more of moderates.

Wow, makes it seem like an uphill battle for sure for the Dems. That’s a quote from a USA Today article that details how a recent poll indicates that voters, Republican and Democrats alike, are looking to their elected officials to make compromises to get the national debt lowered. Republicans don’t want any revenue increases, they purely want to make cuts. Keep in mind that when Republicans talk about “Big Government” they’re referring to keeping your grandmother alive, the roads you drive on in tact, and bailing out the big banks they also run. That’s the kind of spending that has got us into this giant hole. But while voters think one way, elected officials do not. The article outlines how of the four elected officials responsible for putting together a panel to come up with the plan to reduce the deficit by some God-unrealistic number, the two Republican leaders involved have made it clear: “We don’t compromise.” One of the Democratic leaders has taken a similar stand when it comes to Social Security and Medicare, and the other Dem leader has clearly stated he’s interested in working on a solution, not being a stubborn ass.

This country is going to hell in a hand basket, or so the popular media tells me. Conservatives swear we’re on a highway to hell and if we don’t beef up our missiles, give a gun to every American at the age of 14, and make the Bible the official language of the USA. Liberals say we won’t even have a planet in a generation if we don’t start making trees recyclable and quit drinking water and having babies. The solution then? Forget the government, forget society. Bail on that lame ass job you have that you hate and is literally killing you (wasting time = closer to death = your job is killing you) and get out into the world. It’s better to be poor and traveling or living meagerly within your means than rich and working 80 hours / week (and yes, cleaning your house, doing ridiculously sized loads of laundry and all of the other little things that add up just so you can go to work and come home to not get to spend any time spending any time outside of work equate to more work). Learn to write, build websites, or sell some type of masculine enlarging device online. Plenty of people in Europe will pay you top dollar for your slice of the American dream. Hell, the Chinese will do anything for a Twitter account, so start signing up and selling high!

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