Introducing Wand’rly Magazine

We’re unveiling the latest project here at in the next couple of weeks: Wand’rly Magazine. Wand’rly is an online publication for fulltime traveler types, and in every issue we’ll explore a specific location in North America with short story style articles describing some of our favorite spots in said locations. There’ll also be some suggestions on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do, of course.

The goal of the magazine is to help people who love to travel, and particularly those who do it on a fulltime or quite-a-bit-of-their-part time basis, find discounts and secrets on where the best places to stay are, and some perhaps lesser known things to do once you get there.

We’ve been traveling fulltime around here for the better part of four years, and before that countless cross-country roadtrips, train rides and plane tickets were tucked up under our belts. We call it a magazine because it’s not just another website, the same old layout with the same old approach: we’re looking to make it as close to the experience of reading a real magazine as possible, customized for your particular device, whether it’s sitting around the RV kitchen table with your laptop, doing a little light reading on your iPhone on a long haul through Kansas, or diving in via the best experience, in our opinion, via your iPad while sitting around the campfire waiting for the hot dogs to cook.

Whether you’re a traveling warrior trainhopper type or snowbird retirees living in your RV, our “family staff” ranges in age from a young set of parents with a 13 month old to pre-teens to closer to retirement age. We’ll show you the coolest bars to grab a local beer and the best things to do with your kids. Whether you want to hike a mountain or sit back on a tour bus, we’ve got you covered.

With loads of options for delivery, either via beautifully customized RSS Feeds or email updates, or by following us on Twitter, or any of the above website experiences, you can get Wand’rly how you want it.

We’ve also developed a lucrative but not overladen ad system which, unlike a paper magazine, means one small ad per article which is specifically focused on the region in which the issue covers, and we only accept advertising from establishments who’s products or services we’ve tried and can attest to their value.

We’re excited to get this up and running, and if you’d like to learn more, follow us on Twitter via the link above, or sign up for our newsletter at!

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