3 Things Your Business Needs for Customer Service

Three things every business seriously needs to implement as far as customer service goes.

  1. Put Existing Customers First. When we call in, don’t make “Customer Support” option 2 and “New Sales” option 1. In fact, have a number just for customer support if possible, and when someone calls it, have a human answer immediately.
  2. User Testing. We know, you think your backend is spucking fectacular. It may be. But it’s probably not unless you did some user testing. Don’t assume that because you know how it works, everyone else does, too. You’ve been involved with it since conception, probably months or years. Get some outsiders to test it, give them some random common tasks and see if they can easily figure it out or not.
  3. Issue Refunds. If you piss someone off, give them some amount of their money back. Could be a free month of service, $5 or a complete refund, but this is the only real way to ensure customer satisfaction. Particular if you messed up, fix it with the one thing no one complains about: cash.

Not on this list, because I don’t think every business needs it, but that is very important, is when you’ve decided you’re going to provide support via chat, don’t allow your chat people to be chatting with multiple users at once. That’s so annoying, and it’s obvious when it takes them 5 minutes to respond to a chat that they’re multi-tasking. Be courteous enough to show your customers the respect of their full attention.

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