Lucid Dream #J15-2014

I rarely remember my dreams anymore. I used to recall each night’s visage quite clearly, but over the years it seems that whatever I’m picturing at night as my brain reboots is no longer interesting or important enough to recall.

Until two nights ago…

I’m walking around some large ambiguous city wearing not but a towel; and boxers underneath. I duck into this busy cafe looking for someone my mind tells me will be able to reveal to me where my clothes are. As I step aside to let some older women pass, I knock over a tiny glass cat figurine. No damage is done, so I put it back, but the owner, she tells me I have to buy it. I protest, but she’s relentless. I show her the little piece of kitsch isn’t broken while one of the older women I moved aside for begins to advise me, “I would give you the money but it’s $100 and I don’t make a habit of giving that kind of money out.”

I’m further astonished by the price tag, when she suggests I ask around the cafe for smaller donations. “I’m sure you could get up enough money from all the people in here.”

I then notice the owner, she’s calling the police. My big white gut hanging out all the while I continue my, “Do I look like I have any money on me?” protest, removing my towel to show that I’ve got no pockets beneath. The police pick up.

“Hah, call the police, I’m leaving! Tell them I’ll be walking down 16th Street!”

Next thing I know some time has passed, and I’m walking out of a fruit
stand elsewhere in town. An old thyme siren sound is whirring and a motorized wagon with twenty or so cops dressed in white uniforms comes around the corner. I attempt to hide behind various pikes of fruit but can here they’ve spotted me.

I run for my house, assuming all I need to do is get dressed and there’s no way they can prove it was me. I won’t match the description.

When I hit the street though, I realize I don’t recognize the houses, that I don’t live there, and that there is no way I would ever realistically find myself in this situation. Realizing I’m dreaming, given the rarest chance at a lucid dream, I suddenly am aware that I can do anything I can imagine.

I immediately imagine waking up.

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