Click Optimize

A simple plugin that improves WordPress by removing the following:

  • A bunch of tags in the <head> for RSD, RSS and other feeds, various rel links that point to next/previous posts
  • emoji detection stuff
  • tag
  • shortlink rel tag, but shortlinks still work
  • inline styles for .recentcomments a
  • wp-embed
  • puts jquery in the footer – may be an option in future
  • removes jquery migrate
  • removes gutenberg styles wp-block-library, global-styles and classic-theme-styles

Do not use this plugin if you want emojis to show up on your blog or if you use the Block Editor / Gutenberg. It may also break your site if you have plugins or themes that use deprecated jquery functions like .load. This plugin is for people who want clean, fast sites and a simple, good start to that is removing all of this fluff.

Download Click Optimize 1.1

Up Next: Remove Categories, Post Tags and Authors from wp-sitemap.xml