Responsive Web Design: De Facto

Web design is again evolving. The last major shift came when the industry took the long, arduous transition from tables to CSS and more importantly, to semantic, valid code that separated said CSS from that content. The iPhone changed how we communicate, followed by a legion of Android devices, iPad, and so on.

Web browsing via a mobile device currently accounts for around 12% of traffic, and it’s rising around one percentage point every three months or so. Inevitably, people will be checking Facebook on their phones, composing in Gmail via their iPad, and of course, visiting your website over one of these devices as well.

ClickNathan will Create all Sites using Responsive Web Design Techniques

I’ve already begun this actually, but now I’m making it official: every new site I build from here on out will use responsive design, meaning that the site will display beautifully regardless of device, and be optimized for each. So if a user is browsing via their 26″ monitor at home they’ll get the ideal experience in that arena, and if they’re searching for a coffee shop and your site comes up, they’ll be presented with the most ideal content for that particular situation (hint, give ’em your phone number and a map!)

Best of all? There will be no additional cost for this, I’ll be keeping my pricing the same into 2013.

Responsive web design at no additional charge, so whether you live in Pittsburgh or beyond, hit me up, let’s talk about how to move your site into the 21st Century.

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