Fix 404 Error with All in One SEO Sitemaps

Though managing your site’s SEO is absolutely key to running a successful online whatever-it-be, I’ve never been a huge fan on tools like Yoast or All in One SEO. While Yoast has largely cleaned itself up over the last decade or so, and there’s no doubt that for amateur budding SEO experts and content creators that it’s tools are valuable, the problems I still see with All in One SEO (you have to pay to set up redirects, for example) generally leave me recommending against clients using this plugin.

Recently, a client of mine installed AIOSEO, as they like to acronym themselves, and we decided to uninstall it (mostly because my clients have SEO tools built right into their theme, avoiding potential plugin updates meant for the entire world from breaking functionality specifically built for their website.)

After uninstalling the plugin, we were getting a 404 error for the built in /wp-sitemap.xml file. Bummer.

Clearing cache didn’t help. The solution was relatively easy though, just go to your Permalinks page (it’s under Settings in WordPress) and click “Save Changes.”

screenshot of the WordPress Permalinks settings page.

And that’s it! /wp-sitemap.xml works again. Hello, Google Indexing, goodbye flawed plugin!

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