Guiding Tech Blog Redesign 2016

Late last year I began working with the fine folks behind

An extremely popular site with hundreds of thousands of pageviews a month, they had the content, they had the creative team to create the content, and the audience was certainly there. But the site was running on a rather old WordPress install and while not terrible, the site was definitely lacking in wow factor.

We spent a few iterations and several months getting everything right, going through my custom web design process, scrapping everything and starting fresh when things didn’t seem to be headed in the right direction.

In January, we were ready to put the site live. The result?

screenshot of homepage
The homepage showcases the latest content while mixing it up with popular posts to keep old content from getting buried.
a dropdown menu that shows the latest articles in various categories
A dropdown menu that’s designed to stay out of the way until you want to explore. Once you’re ready, the dropdown shows the latest content from the primary categories on the site.
screenshot of iOS version of
And of course, everything is completely responsive.
search form on Guiding Tech
Fun little extras like this search form.

Pretty pictures are one thing, but what about the results?

Firstly, performance. When we compare the before and after from Google’s Pagespeed Tool:

0 Mobile User Experience
47 Mobile Speed
67 Desktop Speed

All said and done, and even six months later when a few changes were made without Pagespeed completely in mind, we’re looking drastically better.

99 Mobile User Experience
73 Mobile Speed
87 Desktop Speed

Pagespeed is all well and good, but it doesn’t matter a ton unless we see results with the traffic.

12% More Sessions
12% More Users
10% More Pageviews

But it’s hardly all about the results when it comes to you, dear reader. Head on over to the site and give it a read, it’s a blog absolutely full of tech hacks and gadget news!

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