More to Love About CrossBrowserTesting

I’ve had about a month now working with the new interface, and keep finding new things to love about it.

In my own workflow, when I test a browser it typically means a lot of testing just before I deliver a Beta to my clients for review, and then occasional tests over the next month or so. After that, unless we make updates or changes to the site–which is less likely–I’ve verified the site runs well on the main browsers and we’re good to go. So there’s a one to three month period where I’m typically testing the same sites over and over again.

While it’s no big deal to copy and paste a URL into the Live Testing portion of CBT, here’s just one more way they’ve improved over their old iteration and their competitors: remembering my old tests.

So if I’m working on today and know there are issues in IE11 on Windows 8 but need to work on another project tomorrow where I was having trouble getting Firefox and Safari to do something Chrome was doing perfectly, I don’t need to remember all of the settings and browser/OS combos I was using, they give me instant access right away. Here’s a screenshot! Because who doesn’t love a screenshot, really.

screenshot of the features described in this article

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