Woocommerce Tax Rates for Delaware County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you need to charge tax to people in Philadelphia and/or more specifically Delaware County, here’s a helpful CSV file that will make short work of entering in all of the ZIP codes necessary to add that 2% sales tax.

It’s as simple as a semi-colon separated list of ZIP codes for the county, and if you import it via Woocommerce > Settings > Taxes > Standard Rates it will give you a 2% tax line for anyone who has a zip code in the county. Note that ZIP codes can cross county lines, so this isn’t foolproof, but it heirs on the side of caution and charges the tax to anyone who possibly could live in the county.

So really, it’s only good for businesses operating in Allegheny County, and depending on how you setup Woocommerce, would only be applied to customers who’s shipping or billing address is either in PA, or for the additional 1% tax, in one of those specific ZIP codes.


CSV of Delaware County, Pennsylvania ZIP Codes for Woocommerce

Or if you just want the list of ZIP Codes, here you go:

19087; 19333; 19312; 19085; 19010; 19041; 19003; 19096; 19083; 19008; 19073; 19382; 19319; 19373; 19317; 19342; 19063; 19060; 19014; 19061; 19013; 19015; 19086; 19081; 19070; 19033; 19078; 19094; 19022; 19029; 19074; 19076; 19043; 19018; 19023; 19036; 19079; 19032; 19153; 19064; 19026; 19050; 19082; 19083

PS! I’ve got one for Allegheny County, PA (including Pittsburgh) here too!

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