Jr’s Last Laugh

So…i went to this comedy club in my own newly claimed hometown, that’s erie pa for all of you dedicated listeners who don’t front on the old school rap. anyway, comedy comedy comedy. that’s funny stuff. here’s the wrap up:

comedian one: made a joke about mexicans (keep in mind the entire audience [nearly let alone erie’s population] is white) and then went on to racist black jokes. now i’m no racist, but i love racist jokes. white, black, mexican, negro, nigger dare i say, whatever. racism is so unrealistic to me at this point that making jokes about it is the only proper way to go about life.

comedian two: a woman. hah! funny in itself, you say, and i agree. i know, i know, there’s nothing funny about women, but this girl sounded like she was a dislexic reading from a cue card, but her jokes were so funny it shone through. is that how you spell shone? as in “shown”: hah again.

comedian three. too funny. that’s all. hilarity about cops and killing deer and he was on jay leno, which makes him cool, because whatever anyone says, letterman isn’t the top spot. old people like jay, or so i hear, but i grew up through college on jay, so that’s that.

so i was with three others, and when the show was over, and i’d had five or ten beers, i suggested we continue this raunch at calimari’s, some little joint with an outside drinkery in the port town, and no one was up except the least likely of suspects, linda, who i barely knew. so we went, yada yada yada, talk smack on people at work, and we each had a drink. then i ordered a second and started drinking it when everyone was like – hah! we’re leaving sucka chump foo. so there i was, alone, drinking, smoking, looking good in my hat.

the end came i left and now i’m typing. see the previous audio blog for info on the hooker i ran into…


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