the People of the Sun

i find myself in new music and hah hah sunburns. wearing a mesh trucker cap backwards will leave the most interesting of speckles on a man’s brow.

i am a son of Ares, born in the time of the ram and filled with the spinning chase of the two fishes, living a life of fortune cookie creativity and unprecedented boon vs. bust. when the big god of war shakes his clutchy fists and even Zeus doesn’t mind to turn the blind eye as the thunder comes crackling through the cool blue sky of this northern home i find myself prone to, well, no one minds all that much attention, but I know who he shakes his fist for.

still, i do a lot of sitting slouched and flecking my lungs with tar and dismissing all of the healthy dark green veggies and high fibre living that i do otherwise.

the sun is always coming. and i suppose i’m always waiting for it. every any day, but in particular those sparkling lens flare pumpkin hue mornings, when i step outside into the morning glare leading me out of the driveway and a big picture frame window cropping out my own little part of the forest. i’m just another child of the whole, a real People of the Sun. we’re all just People.

good luck.

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