hey my old man august is there something you’d say to me
if you weren’t so full of yourself and making love to colored leaves?

you there on the street with a head looking hard to the cracks in the ground
wanan lift up and say hello i have a good good feeling we could have some fun

but if a good man does what a good man says
then a good man shall make his way to heaven
but what about those who don’t know the line
lead on your fingers and high on your mind

hey young lady can i tell you a joke and then you’d be like
smiles are just a product of the heavenly host

you there boy with a good time to come you wanna dig up the cracks, you wanna subtract the sum

well i’ve seen ghosts and i’ve been strange
i’ve heard the lights and i’ve smelled the same
but we don’t talk enough these days
i have a telephone…
yeah i have hairs on my neck, make em’ raise
yeah i have a telephone…

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