kitchen state

i go hazy in my skeeze
dark trends tend to type on keys
i call freinds and friends call me
but no one says a word of speech
cause we all know the phantom’s fame
keep your eyes low and your head hung shame
but i won’t die a simple man
i’m a do the best things that i can

one man’s karma is another man’s keep
don’t pass it around cause it’s free for me
see i give what i expect to get
and i get a lot, so that’s what i meant
if you love me then you’re a soul
my best friends walk on the hottest coals
but when i say to him “come on down”
i can expect him in days to greet me in my home town
and if impossible is as impossible means
then we won’t find happiness on our sleeves
so take off your clothes and put on your cloth
smiles over the brim make a nice stain on my tabletop

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