silent fans in the noisy night

time rolls by and the world lives life
some do drugs and others get high
i’ve got a place set up way in the stars
and if i quit sitting still i could get there eventually
all i know is that awhile ago i said awhile from now i wouldn’t be where i am
and here i am
and here i am

space takes the place of where you used to live
the tree tops and flip flops and who’s got dibs
well we all have rights and we all should feel
that what we want to do is all that we should be doing
so if i jump up and make a booming sound
will the world take a moment to turn heads round and say
“hey, hey, look at that, man that’s something else.”
i’m a little bit me
a little something else
not so quite
and so right
but full and filling up still in the end.
so if you must pretend and walk all along
you said it yourself, that some things felt wrong
and so who are we and who are you and who am i to say
what could make a popper settle for pennies anyway?

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