Tonight we dine on innocence
And let mother set our place
After we pray and clean our plates
Wash up our hands and face
Disappear into the evening
Catching toads and snails
Raking in the good times over Dukes of Hazard and lemonade sales
Inside of 8, 25 just can’t be seen
And I will always be thankful
Lest the food were to run straight through me

The crickets make a simple sound tonight
The backdrop for an early morning set under the twaining light
And all the children hustle off to get good grades
I sit back and sip my tea and reminisce over those days
They laugh and this old rocking chair creaks a squeaky ease
I sing to my baby as he sleeps all over me
And I will always be listening
Lest the silence were to swirl all around me

I pricked my finger sewing up my holes
Scars on skin and thread worn thin
And deeper wear and tear on my soul
All the people that I’ve loved
The pain to watch them go
Gets you to the point of never catching
So you’ll never need to throw
“Better to have loved and lost than never at all…” she says to me
And I will always be holding on
Save the numbness were to pull the feeling out of me

The lights in Autumn eve are low
A candle clicks my face
A mirror full of memories
And a smudge to smear or trace
I haven’t changed all that much
A line or two to spare these days
But one thing that never changes
Is the obsidian reflecting hole through what I see
And I will always be watchful
Were the darkness to shroud all over me

But I am young, as young as time let’s me to be
So I will always be mindful
As I know someday my mind will run out on me

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