Pictures and Poems Regarding the Migration

the time has come and karma gods have made it clear what’s best for me
within a month i could be finding myself more westerly
and underneath that big full moon to light the lake up like the day
saturday night fires and i’ll still be there as the humble shuffle off to pray

i’ve been in this town for enough time what to surely kill a horse
boredom is only who you are and so i’m tired of being bored
i’ll catch a plane or maybe drive beneath the big blue western sky
and a band of mountain gypsies will be waiting for me when i arrive

So here are a few pictures of the world I may soon live in…

Imagine Tonight, tonight, tonight… playing.

Whew, the water is actually water colored.

From snowcaps…

…to desert in 20 minutes.

I think this is some sort of amusement park ride (thanks Larry)

She seems to like it.

And of course, who could forget this old indian (he probably lives there.)

Oh girl, you have no faith in medicine…

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