The Toil of a Saturday Night filled with Responsibility

So here I am, another lonely Saturday night, the baby’s sleeping, I’m sipping wine and blogging all night. And since I know how interested you are in facts about Carson City and Nevada in general, here goes:

1. No income tax, and the sales tax in Carson City is still only equal to that of Pittsburgh, at 7%.

2. Second largest gold producer in the world, after South Africa. I’m thinking teeth.

3. Mark Twain got his start in Virginia City (now a ghost town), located between Carson City & Reno. This may be a lie, I’ve seen conflicting points of view, either way, it’s where he penned the name Mark Twain.

4. Dryest state in America (average annual rainfall of 7 inches, compared to Pgh’s 37 inches.)

6. In 2002, 39% of the state voted to legalize marijuana, the second largest percentage ever (Arizona, was first, those hippie Flagstaffers are to blame, no doubt.)

5. Nevada’s Humboldt River has no outlet to the ocean; the river sinks into the ground, feeding a massive underground aquifer. At first this seems uninteresting, but imagine what that would be like to be under there with it. Cave expiditioners unite!

7. Carson City, Lake Tahoe, and Reno are actually further west than Los Angeles. Go ahead, look at a map. (Shawn definitely will. Chad would, if he had any interest in motivation.)

Notice I mixed up points 5 & 6, I have to keep you guys interested somehow. If anyone read all of that, leave me a comment and I’ll send you a cookie in the mail. An internet cookie via Gmail that is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m so much fun.

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