And Now it’s 6:00

So I spent the day submitting poetry to various electronic magazines. Perhaps it is not as prestigious as being published in the parchy pulp of the printed piece�though I am not implying this myself�it is nonetheless considered published by the wider people who consider such things and hold weight with said considerations.

I have been published twice before, that I can remember, and by now I feel as though that number should be upwards of umpteen million.

Which reminds me of a funny commercial from SafeAuto, where a guy says “We receive hundreds of calls an hour, thousands of calls a day, and countless calls a week.” Hmmm…I mean, with all of the modern technologies and various call tracking services available, you think a company like SafeAuto would be able to count how many calls it gets a week.

Or multiplication could work. A thousand calls a day x 7 = Probably about 7 thousand calls a week. Multiplied by whatever version of the plural form of thousand they’re implying with “thousands” and BAM! you’ve got their number.

I guess my intense marketing background prepared me for what they can’t afford, what with offering nothing but the bare essentials for your autoscamming needs.

Oh, and I also had a couple of good ideas. One is to start a blog and find a bazillion other bloggers who write poetry and just get so many people going on there that it becomes a huge success and I can make t-shirts that say I Love and sell them for a nice profit and live the rest of my life in a trash can outside of my multimillion dollar mansion.

My second idea, which is a better one and true, is to find someone with scrutinizing skill with a camera and attempt to publish a photography/poetry book. Like, each set of two pages that you open to has a large photograph on one side and a poem or short story somehow related to the photo on the other side. I know, it’s probably not an original concept in the least, but nothing is these days (except for the works of this man or perhaps hot dogs made from turkey) but I want to do it nonetheless. If anyone knows the term for such a publication, I would be much obliged were you to let me know.

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