Phew, I know, I know…where has he been? It’s been hours since the last post. Never fear, I’ve been in a worldwide transpiracle of emaculation and boddhisatva like altiploit.

Or, my one and only friend worthy of the title in Erie, PA dropped by with his girlfriend and we sat around eating pizza and watching Nature: The John Denver Special, in which John reveals to us the secrets of the mountain, pleasures of the wind, and how to tame a falcon with a lasso, as well as how well he fits in playing his guitar and howling with a pack of wild wolves. No but seriously, that guy was always flying planes, I mean, disaster was bound to strike sooner or later.

I’ve been attempting to broaden my guitar playing skills beyond power chords and open chords to something a little better, but let’s face it, there are some positions the hand was just not meant to compromise. Sheesh. And every counting Crows song I wanted to learn tonight was all F#m or G/D or something insane. I suppose practice would allow me to reach those heights, but I didn’t get into the guitar playing business for hard work and dedication, I did it for the same reason I leave yoga books lying around my house. To impress the ladies.

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