I Hate the Following Games in Life

Well, one in particular, I hate the game of “I did something and now I need to wait a certain amount of time before continuing in my normal acts so as to provide the proper buffer between weird and obsessive.”

It can be applied to several situations, for example, you’ve just finished your first date, and you plot the amount of days you should wait before calling the person back. Three, I hear. Laughable.

Or, you’ve gotten in an arguement with a friend, worse yet, a good friend, the type you can easily sit around in your underwear eating Fritos out of your belly button, and now instead of calling them to talk about the usual nothing you should be discussing at 11:30pm on a Sunday night, you feel like you have to let things cool over.

Or, you’ve killed your neighbor’s cat and now you don’t know whether or not it’s still cool to ask them to borrow some gas money, because you only have 20 dollars and you wanted to go out drinking with that.

As long as you keep a straight face, I will be there when you die…