Today is a beautiful day

Despite the fact that I am not where I choose to be, today is a glorious day. Already I’ve woken up to a smiling baby boy, just turned three, smiling back at me (pictures to follow later no doubt.) We went to Toys R’ Us, probably for the last time as the evil empire is putting it out of business, and he picked out a tool set for his birthday. We had cake for breakfast and Chuck E. Cheese for lunch, won some tickets, rode some rides, were intrepid about some tubes…

All in all satisfaction. Soon he’ll be leaving to visit his mother, and I’m going to spend the day sipping wine and attempting to find someone to publish my poetry, an endeavor I perhaps should have pursued years ago.

So my hats off to all of the good people who make my life what it is, from evil ex-wives to the types of friends who say they’ll miss you when you’re gone to better halves in far off lands to babies with big bright smiles.


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