A Tribute to the Mighty Blogger Nation

I’d like to express my exuberation for all things blog. I find myself visiting various, though few, blogs throughout my days, and commenting on people’s lives. Then they come back and check out yours, and if an interest arrives, do the same. Eventually, you meet people who might ordinarily be too stone faced or scruffy bearded or gothy weird to ever have that happen in person.

Computers, much like bicycles, skateboards and cigarettes, are wonderful inventions. Well, probably moreso than two out of three of those. They change lives by the millions and provide for an alternate reality to the normal ho-hum that can sometimes be a work,eat,sleep routine. Not to mention the fact that I can communicate on a daily basis with friends who now live in cities far beyond my availability, and if or when I make the great move across this country, I can continue to know people who might otherwise become reminiscent conversations over beers, years down the road with my new friends.

So to those of you loathe to my addiction (you know who you are, renee) I say, give it a chance and see if your tan is quite as deep come the end of next summer.

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