Well, Here’s My New Blog Stylee

In the interest of not having a blog even remotely similar to those offered in the templates facilities (and what fine facilities they are, porcelain lavaratories and a man trading cigarettes for compliments*), I’ve created this new image, complete with pictures of me with Ashton Kutcher type dazey looks and venomous lipstick cowboy backgrounds, not to mention those crazy upside down pyramids. You don’t know how many different ethereal netherworlds I had to travel before I could find those.

Also, I’m quite proud of my CSS abilities these days. Not to say that I could sit down and fill out some test given by the good people at one of America’s many fine technical institutions, but let’s face it, stealing CSS values from all of the tutorial sites out there is just fine, and with all of the song lyrics filling up the hard drive in my head, why bother stuffing a bunch of hex numbers and no-repeat values in their as well.

I know what you’re all thinking, “What if you’re trapped in a cave full of ogre robots and the only way they’ll let you escape is if you can fancy up their intranet (which has no access to the Web, stupid ogrebots!)?” Hah. I laugh at your foolishness for even thinking such a thing.

If it weren’t for my smooth talking and apt skill at lighting matches with one hand, all of the above comments would make me an incredibly dorky wanker. All I can say in my defense is, it’s good to be a Renaissance man.

* also not true

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