In my hibernaculum

VH1 has always been a good channel to tune into and let yourself realize how you’re no rock star. Behind the Music, Video Wake Up, blah blah blah, people doing coke off of supermodel’s bellies and driving one of several fast cars they own, all while the lead guitar player whammy bars a solo from off of the roof.

The next evolution begins with the end of winter, but as the season has only begun, if it has even begun yet, I suppose I should focus on the task at hand, and similar to caves full of bears, snakes and bats, all shoring up save the frosty tendrils of another dead forest worth of leaves were to blanket over, I am going to board myself up in work and home sales and all of the things that are first at hand on the way to the utter dissolvement from the world of human possession.

Up Next: Excerpts from the future