Excerpts from the future

“I want a girl who will pop my zits. Someone who’ll let me know when I’m being an idiot, without being an idiot about it. I want a girl who knows the difference between style and fashion, someone who can sit around getting stoned and playing video games with me and never feel like there isn’t enough meaningful conversation. I want a girl who has meaningful conversation. I want a girl who’s a woman. I want a girl with her backbone sticking out through her skin, hairy armpits and stubbly legs. Someone who can hold her own with my friends while we’re out drinking, and who doesn’t make them feel like they have to act like they’re not among friends. I want a girl who knows the virtues of having nothing, and the guilty pleasures of wanting more. I want a girl who can use the word Megahertz. There must be someone out there who can sit around in their underwear eating cereal and watching Oprah in the morning, and sneak a bottle of whiskey into a concert that same night, and not have done anything out of the ordinary. I want a woman who doesn’t just consume, but she creates. I have yet to meet many of those. I want a girl who can sleep in a tent for a week and deal with the way I smell after I’ve slept in a tent for a week. I want a girl who appreciates the virtues of standing around and staring at a fire. I want a girl who is freaked out by life on a daily basis and not afraid to mention it. I want a girl who doesn’t make you feel jealous to see if you care, or fight with you to get a reaction, or take pills to change the way her head was meant to be. Someone who can make me happy to be late for work. Someone who’ll support me when I decide to go on my latest spiritual whatever. I want a person, not just a girl, I want a good time and a good friend, and the only thing I don’t want is anything less.”

-TW, from the novel 25

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