… (pt. 6)

these days time is bought and sold
while we all work our weight in gold
and trivialize the moments to keep us all sufficiently mundane
and anyway we’re all just waiting
coming up with ways of saving
lives that won’t do anything with infinite capabilities
folding clothes and washing up
cordialities while we sup
and all just whittling down the very precious little time you’ve left
but i will stop and shine on you
like high beams in the afternoon
so stare at me and i promise you that i’ll come crashing in
wreck my car, drink my nights
sing out loud in grocery store lines
if there’s anything to do, i’ll do it
give me time and i will use it
if there’s anywhere to be, i’m there
it is here, it’s everywhere
if there’s anyone worth waiting for
i’m sorry, but i can’t wait any more
so find me sometime if you’d like
a grown boy on a peddle bike
the coming eclipse as you see me silhouette the sun
if you’re going somewhere why not run?

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