2004 Music Year in Review

With the inception of my new radio station, WFZY, Fuzzy 92.7, I have decided to make a list of music that I have been listening to lately, so that you may or may not think, “Wow, I listen to the same music as this guy, maybe he’s cool.” Other options might be, “If I listened to this sort of stuff I’d be respected among college sophomores looking to get Liberal Arts degrees to adequately prepare them for their careers as receptionists” or “Dude, you don’t have Nelly or Pantera on this list. Bummer.”

6. The Polyphonic Spree Together We’re Heavy
they have a nice website
5. The White Stripes Elephant
Jack likes The Onion
4. Devendra Banhart Rejoicing in the Hands
interview and video
3. CocoRosie La Maison de Mon Reve
faces worth seeing/lyrics worth reading
2. Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News
watch a video
1. Joanna Newsom The Milk Eyed Mender
watch a video

Up Next: an attempt at arousing emotion...