an attempt at arousing emotion…

when i talk about the seasons
i can tell they’re in my way
always pushing for tomorrow
always living the today
when i beg for your forgiveness
do i grovel too much these days?
well i used to take you dancing
now i can barely walk away

when i think about the nightlife
i just have a cup of tea
and let that leafy warm feeling
wipe the regrets right out of me
’cause i’m a lot less than i want
i have much more than i need
i’m that feeling of nostalgia
that keeps you planted in your seat

when i look into the future
i can see a span of fields
a big farm on the horizon
a white house on the hill
you and i and rocking chairs
front porch lemonade breeze
i will tell you that i love you
you’ll just smile and disagree

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