Do you sleep in your sockies?

After spending countless hours perusing the many photos at Sock Dreams I’m uncertain as to whether or not I can remember ever seeing anything sexier than this or this or this or possibly even this.

Now I don’t know if I have a fetish or I’m just jealous. Girls have all of the fun…dammit.

I rarely wear matching socks, unless by randomly reaching into the sock pile I pull out two of the same (never white, unless they’re like this, in which case they’re top dawg), but in reality that never happens (okay once*).

No, but if anyone out there was looking to win my undying affection, they’d find the perfect pair of socks, not too femmy (but a bit, mind you), and send them to me on St. Valentine’s Eve, wrapped around a bottle of Bully Hill and Jelly Bellies.

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