Tasty Cakes and Silent but Deadly Surprises

After googling why do some things taste good and being sufficiently unsatisfied with the results, I’m bringing the question to the table here at the world’s premiere hot spot for desperate singles and physical magicians.

So what is it about olives that are so appealing to me when bananas go unchecked from my list of Things I’d Love to Eat Right Now? Texture, I suppose, was my only answer…but that only explains my dislikes. I don’t like chomping into a big brainlike gooshy tomato, but I’m all for tomato sauce. I’m not big on cooked spinach, all runny over the edge of my pizza, but I love the stuff raw and crisp. But why I dig on jalapeno so much, or why oatmeal cookies are just to die for, those are the questions at hand here…

And in the interest of my lude title, and after considering what smell has to do with taste, I started thinking about why things smell bad. This is just ridiculous, to me. Farts don’t smell bad. What is bad about them? It’s just another smell. Actually, intense perfume is more discomforting to me than the natural sputter of a little human backfire. I can barely smell anything, due to smoking no doubt, so maybe I just dislike all strong smells in general, as they’re so rarely experienced I don’t know what to do in their presence.

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