Officer Lieutenant Nathan P. Swartz, Admiral Esquire

Several months ago I was applying for jobs in Washington State, and ended up finding this military outsourcing company called Raytheon. I filled out a lengthy online application, in which I listed such skills as 3D Animation, Graphic Design, proficiency with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, etc etc etc, all of the things I do. I’ve recently received two emails from them, stating that I’m qualified for the following two positions:

JOB # IDS101316 — ACCOUNTING CLERK II Comical, perhaps, but it at least included a reference to Photoshop.

and the better of the two…

JOB # TSC102311 — GENERAL MAINTENANCE WORKER Which includes prerequisites such as having the ability to “construct and repair foxholes, firing positions, grenade throwing pits, electrical target pits.”

And that quote, my friends, is verbatim.

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