I’ve been hearing alot about witches lately. Through emails, blog posts and finally, a bumper sticker on a car that read “I follow the old ways” and had a picture of a chalice and a pentagram on it. The dudes in the car looked like frat boys, which got me to thinking…about what is irrelevant.

One definition of witches.

How Miriam & Webster see it:

witch (‘wich)
Etymology: Middle English wicche, from Old English wicca, masculine, wizard & wicce, feminine, witch; akin to Middle High German wicken to bewitch, Old English wigle divination, and perhaps to Old High German wIh holy — more at VICTIM
1 : one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers; especially : a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar : SORCERESS — compare WARLOCK 2 : an ugly old woman : HAG 3 : a charming or alluring girl or woman 4 : a practitioner of Wicca 5 : WITCH OF AGNESI

I always thought male witches were warlocks, but others tend to disagree. Don’t label me, man, they might say, if they were hippie witches, probably residing in Orange County, CA.

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