Open for Business

As of today (though thanks to blogger, by the time anyone sees this that date will be present tense) I’m officially legally and in the eyes of God divorced. Presumably in the eyes of God, I can’t see them from here, what with all of the cloud cover today.

February 15th as the day of Divorcing, I have declared it so and therefore it shall always be.

Life is full of happiness and ease, as the IRS has given me my rightful giant refund and I’m soon getting a new laptop and Erie wide WiFi access, so I’ll be back on the blog seen in full force within the month.

Also, I’m accepting applications for pretty little mexicali women in need of a green card. I’ll grant them said permission from our governing state in exchange for doing my dishes, cleaning my house, laundering my unmentionables and occasionally rubbing my back (considered overtime). All applicants should do a dance atop the highest cloud, just below the sunny zenith, showing care not to melt the waxy wings of fortune that have flittered their way.

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