Congratulations, I’m the Winner

Well good news, a man called me today, I assume he was from the country of India due to his accent and horrendous use of any known form of the English language, to inform me that the government has found me to be eligible for an $8000 grant. I can spend the money any way I’d like and he assured me that I would not be accountable for the money in any way. Sounds great, where do I sign up?

Conversation as it went from there:

“Well, sir, you do not have to sign up anything, you are already approved. Within seven business days you will receive important documentation, a grant registration manual, and all you will need to do is pay a one time registration fee of $200. Your government has made this possible to you through your tax system.”

So I asked, “What government?”

“Your government, sir.”

“And what government is that.”

“The one you pay your taxes to.”

So I hung up. Now, I may have just screwed myself out of $8000, but if the IRS is outsourcing our own government’s business and can’t figure a way of taking the $200 registration fee out of my $8000 grant, perhaps we should get a new IRS.

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