Another reason why you, the reader, don’t exist.

So “Yes,” you say, “light and sound are two of the most spectacular aspects of existence.”

And I would retort, without ignoring but all the same not going too much into the details of sound, light is an amazing facet of our reality.

I mean, basically, we are all blind save from and because of the light bouncing off of every object in space. Consider the general properties of color, which is to say that the only reason our eyes see an object as a particular color is because it is the exact color that said object can’t absorb. So an orange, who’s name is derived from it’s color (despite the lies of an ignorant few), would only appear to be orange because that is exactly the color that its pigment rejects. And that information is not only given for me to boast of my knowledge as to how color and light are related, but to instill the initial factor of how light works by bouncing off of things and that it is just a giant coverup of what is really there.

So my theory is that if light is all we see, not any actual objects, but simply the light bouncing off of things, then nothing actually exists save for the grace of (essentially; on our scale) the Sun.

Thank you Sun, you rock.

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