I own part of a company

So when I bought my Blackspot V1s (seen in a picture on a recent post here) I was given 1 share of stock in the Blackspot company. Which officially makes me a shareholder. At the time I was like, “Oh that’s cool, it’s kind of like my membership card to a club,” but then today I got an email from those guys indicating that I was being given the opportunity to vote on an issue facing the shoe provider.

Basically the deal is that they’ve come out with a new shoe and they’re trying to decide whether or not to mark the shoe up significantly to feed other social programs they get into or to keep the shoe cheap and be more of an alternative shoe choice than a social activist group. I was asked to choose between 1 of 3 pricetags: $145, $99 or $85. At $125 they’re making a $45 profit. At the $85 it’ll take them 100,000 pairs of shoes to break even.

Anyway, now I feel important and special. This is a great feeling. The next time I post about this I’ll be using the pronoun we instead of they.

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