I just had the most wonderful dream….

Everyone was there. Me, Olivia, everyone.

There was a man juggling fire and assuring me of just how dangerous such an act was. There was raw fish on a conveyor belt swirling amazing colors and smells and tastes all over my typically bland nicotine laden tongue. There was a beautiful house with giant windows and higher than sky ceilings and a courtyard fit for a traveling bard’s stay in a foreign land. There were cobble stones, brick walks and double decker buses, organic foods as far as the tongue can flick and hilarious accents that the locals must have felt were all too common. There were sunburnt heads on rocky beaches and a lit up pier full of amusement park rides and people calling french fries by silly pseudonyms (read “chips”) and pints of lager, pints of ale, pints of cider, beers from Belgium and Australia and fine sandwiches made without meat and meals that were fit for a king but made for the common traveling god.

And there was a beautiful shimmering woman, long red hair and flowing all around the the city like a snake charming it’s way through Swiss cheese. Thick amber eyes to dance in the hot seaside night like a pair of polished rocks washing on and off shore. Her hips hugged like long lost friends and her lips smacked ten foot kisses to reassure any one forced to walk away that life can and will prove itself a circle, so that even if eyes get blurry with salty stingy goodbyes they’ll be wiped clean again in a timeline that, when compared to the infinite expanse of lifetimes spent just missing or trading off for the next one, will prove to be very short whiles….

Mmmm I can’t wait to fall asleep again, just in case the dream comes back.

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