Aging Comes with a Beard

Lately, even as I fall more in love with my surroundings, grow more content in my lifestyle, and find myself smiling at squirrels eating acorns all too often, I’m simultaneously feeling the effects of age. Not so much physical but… well, I spend the majority of my time with a four year old boy, use up far too many of my cell phone minutes on doctors calls, scheduling PTA meetings and paying bills.

Middle age, as they call it, is significantly less than a decade away, and I feel that I’ve wasted my twenty somethings living in suburbia. Now that I’m finally back into an environment suitable for my mind to feel at ease, I notice that I’m hanging out less, having adult conversations on a next to never basis, and desperately grasping at straws to hope I just stumble on a General Lee. Anything that would put a little less content and a bit more house of cards on my table.

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