Wafers and Wine under the Blood Moon

The moon is filling itself thick with the sun which, as I’ve declared in post’s past, means party time here at the household. What a better reason to kick off the five day celebration that Tristan’s birthday is turning in to…

From Pagan Calendar:

Whether you believe that this full moon gets its name from the crimson flow of slaughtered animals in preparation for Winter, or from the reddish hue circling the Moon and laying all over the twilight Earth, the Blood Moon is a great beginning to the Fall season, while we still frolick in the liveliness of Summer all the while knowing that Winter’s reflective, chilling grasp is upon us. October itself is a great time for being a child, from Oktoberfest celebrations to Halloween night, this month wreaks of youthful exuberance, and I, for one, plan to take as much advantage of the season as possible.

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