I’ve been thinking alot about the concept of love. As easy as the illusion is to fall into; as rarely does the trick stick around for the whole show. The way a parent loves their children, the different ways parents love children and the different ways a parent loves their different children. First loves, loves of a lifetime, and all of the fillers who get shanked in the process.

Is it like dessert? I think I might rather have pumpkin pie almost always more often than ice cream cake, but there are times when ice cream cake hits the spot like no amount of pumpkin pious goodness can. If a mother loves her daughter so much that merely being seperated from the child makes her long for the next school bus return, college break or busy Thanksgiving weekend airport reunion, can that ever be matched by the distanced, paced, independence-allowing love she holds hands with her spouse? Can there be different levels of love? Different kinds? If there are different kinds of love, are some better than others?

And most importantly, is there even a such thing as love, or is it all just another culmination of molecular processes, chemical explosions and feelings of familiarity?

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