A Call to Action!

In this age of Web standards, RFID Passports and the metric system, the world is becoming a global unit rather than a mish-mash of stone’s throws and arm’s lengths. Everywhere you look people are agreeing on a universal standard for similar devices and units of measure, but one area has been harshly overlooked: Milk carton labeling.

One milk company colors its whole milk red while another packages it in yellow. And don’t get me started on 2%. Surely, as a race, as a people, as planetary citizens of Earth, we can come to an agreement on this. That’s why I’m proposing the Milk Unit Universal System (Muus).

Whole milk should be packaged in red, 2% in blue, 1% in peach and skim milk in pink. I’m also not adverse to replacing peach with yellow, but I would need to see sufficient evidence for this being the proper due course.

Please join me in a glass of milk and remember, together we can make a difference, but apart it’s also possible.

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