Google Add a Search

Add a Search

This is a huge time saver:

The latest version of Google Toolbar for Firefox has a nice trick up its sleeve – the ability to allow you to emulate any search field from the Internet right inside of your Google Toolbar. So instead of going to Google Transit and clicking in their respective search fields, I can just type my info into the toolbar and use the dropdown menu to select Google Transit and pow! Right in the kisser. I get my results.

I manage a few WordPress websites and I have a custom script that allows me to search users (handy for when people want to unsubscribe from enewsletters but don’t know how to use the automated system). Now with this new feature, I no longer have to go to their website’s backend, navigate to the users page, and then search for the user. I just enter them into my toolbar, click the corresponding search button, and there they are.

It’s fantastic.

How do you get it?

Google will pop up a window such as is shown in the image above where you can click to Add a Search or No thanks, but you can also add them manually by clicking on the dropdown button (just after the search field in the toolbar itself) and choose Add a Search. Google has a bunch of premade searches or you can build your own.

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