The Life and Times of Nathan Swartz: Living with Greatness: An Epic Saga, Part 3: The Tribulations of Freedom or Living with Inequality is Dying

To learn to become an individual, one must first understand the meaning of conformity. It’s only after you’ve worn a good pair of Levi’s button flies with your buddies while smoking cigarettes behind the horse barn at the county fair and talking about how many girls you’ve done (which is in truth, none, but in theory, multiples) that you really start to see a reason to get out of the pack.

So coming to school, on career day, dressed as Kris Kross only seemed like the natural progression of my selfdom.

Unable to take a piss without revealing my entire ass and being gawked at by countless young teens dressed as doctors, football players and the occasional statistician, I found found myself the butt of all jokes for all time.

At least, that is, until the end of that year, when moving from middle school to high school and the coupled anxiety of all of us new-freshman moving on to better things and the haze of a summer without obligation allowed that bit of short term memory to slip from everyone’s mind.

Fiercely determined to be a ridiculed outcast, however, I slowly began integrating myself into the sect of society known as punk rock, where being different is the status quo, a people so “alternative” that simply wearing the exact same jacket, t-shirt and hairstyles as all of your friends clearly proves that you’re not willing to be a part of the herd.

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