The Life and Times of Nathan Swartz: Living with Greatness: An Epic Saga, Part 4: Coming of Age in an Age Come and Gone

Alas, as my life began to slow down and I moved on from the miniscule tidbittery of a high school career into the exciting world of a young man shunning the conventions of college in favor of a more meat and potatos kind of life, I found myself janitoring for rich kids at the local Catholic High School.

Yes, I had put all of that silliness of punking rocks and skipping class to smoke cigarettes in a desperate hush of fevered worry over whether I would get caught and donned the traditional blue jumpsuit and mop of the janitorial workforce. But I didn’t just fix electrical occurences or paint over rude sayings in the boy’s locker room, no, I was also a permanent fixture in the mopping-up-puke and emptying-300-kids-worth-of-half-chewed-lunch-garbage-cans departments. Yes, I was finally at the top and even though at times the guy wishing he was the star quarterback but who will only ever amount to being his best friend would yell “Hey Janitor, how old are you janitor?” and make me feel slightly uncomfortable with my position in life, it was all worth it when the really crazy girls, you know, the type who would go out with a 19 year old high school janitor, would call me on the phone to tell me they’ve been cutting themselves….

That’s the end of this tale of drama, greatness and unabashed fame, but you can get it from the beginning here . Do enjoy!

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