each year

back to the rooms where we knew that our names
wouldn’t sound out as loud but we spoke them the same
and the rickety creak of a summer begins
you could see in my eyes all the times of our life we would live

all through the towns where we knew that the nights
wouldn’t last very long but as long as we’d like
and the calendar days fall us into the year
sweat chills and the end of summer is here

so if you find yourself a diamond ring
or a pontoon boat to float you somewhere you can be something
i would down on one knee, and professingly
can i swim to your side in the salty of sea?
there’s a handshake and earthquakes and all of the business deals swirl round
i’m at losses for words as my throat clears its day for the girl and her night on the town
but if you lose that ring i can promise you this
i can spend all my days promising you everything
it’s a world of out there, but we’re all in here
and we only get a single summer each year.

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